Ernährungsberatung | Sports by SIA

Do you want to show to your stress who the boss really is?
Are you not feeling comfortable in your body?
Then you are perfectly right here!

A nutritional advice makes sense and in combination with my training and traditional family recipes you will soon start seeing your own success. With the training and the healthy nutrition you will be able to lose weight and/or build up muscles. The best training plans and goodwill can´t show any success without a customized plan adapted to your requirements, helping in reaching your goals. Nutrition should not only be healthy and goal-oriented, it should also taste good and make fun.


In accordance to my nutrition counselling I offer you the following services:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • BMI calculation
  • Body fat percentage
  • circumference measurement (belly, waist, chest, buttom, hip)
  • definition of basal metabolic- and active metabolic rate
  • endurance test (estimate of the physical performance)
  • flexibility test (which muscles are shortened and damage the body posture)
  • muscle function test
  • one hour of consultation (with health check up)
  • template for a nutrition diary
  • 1 personalized nutrition plan
  • control and consulting hours after about 6 weeks
  • adaptation of the nutrition plan
  • 1 map with all documents and a nutrition diary