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My aim is to make your training versatile, interesting and above all adapted to your goals. For this reason, I have gone in for training in many areas. Here you will find an overview of all the training methods I can offer you. Together, we’ll decide which one is the best fit for you. 


TRX, TRX-Yoga, Pilates, spinal gymnastics, nutrition

For years, I have practiced and studied different training methods and types of training (e.g. Pilates, spinal gymnastics, TRX and TRX-Yoga) with different devices and tested their effects. From all these experiences, I have developed my own intensive, efficient and varied training concept that is designed for the entire body.

The focus is on the stomach, legs, bottom and back. TRX-YOGA elements with which we go into mobilization.

Exercises from TRX suspension training, in which one’s own body weight is used as resistance – both while standing and lying down. This effectively trains and builds each muscle area, improves coordination, and increases stabilization.

In focusing on the body’s core, Pilates exercises place an emphasis on the pelvic floor, abdomen and back muscles, thus serving to improve posture, coordination, mobility and strength endurance.

Through strengthening and stretching exercises, spinal gymnastics effectively train all relevant muscle groups that are crucial for good posture. A specially developed relaxation round marks the end of the session.


Do want to show your stress who’s in charge?
Maybe you don’t feel so great in your body?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

A nutrition consultation makes sense; in combination with my training and old traditional family recipes with the right herbs and spices, success will begin to set in. You can lose weight and/or develop muscles through training and a healthy diet. The best plans and the greatest amount of willpower cannot succeed without the right personalized training plan. Yes, nutrition should be healthy and goal-oriented – but it should also taste good and be fun.

My nutrition consultation services include:

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • BMI calculation

  • BMI calculation

  • Circumference measurement (stomach, waist, chest, bottom, hips)

  • Determining metabolic rate and active energy expenditure

  • Endurance test (assessment of physical performance)

  • Flexibility test (which muscles are shortened and negatively impact posture)

  • Muscle function test

  • One hour consultation (with health check-up)

  • Template for a nutrition diary

  • One individually designed nutrition plan

  • Control and consultation session after approx. six weeks

  • Supplements in the nutrition plan

  • One folder with all documents and nutrition diary

Personal Training

During personal training (for women and men), I will individually supervise you and create a personal training plan that is tailored to your needs.

Changes in behavior require a systematic approach; as a personal trainer, I am happy to support you in achieving your fitness, health or training goals. My concept of success is based on the combination of exercise, relaxation and nutrition.

My energy is contagious and will inspire you! I am happy to serve as your physical fitness expert so that you achieve your goals.

Partner Training

Getting fit together with your partner, achieving common goals and enjoying the time spent together.

During partner training, I tune the exercises to both partners but can vary the intensity according to the fitness level of each participant. Together with your loved one, it’s easier to overcome your inner “sloth self” and get fit.


It is better to train as a motivated team. After all, when you’re part of a group, the drive and fun factors automatically increase. I offer group courses for companies at any level. Beginners will of course also find the course that’s right for them.

As a qualified trainer, my expert eye is always on every step and every movement – all so that we are able to engage in high-quality, health-oriented training. From four to fifteen people.

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Pilates is a holistic training concept with a focus on pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. 
I’ll train you on the mat with a mini ball, Theraband, light dumbbells and a fit ball. It’s the perfect health-promoting training to improve posture, coordination, mobility and strength endurance.


TRX suspension training is a highly effective full-body workout that uses a non-elastic harness system. Your own body weight is used as resistance – both while standing and lying down. This allows each muscle area to be trained and built up effectively. Furthermore, your coordination and stabilization will improve along the way.

My effective full-body workout lasts 60 minutes and can be done as part of a group or a one-on-one session.

TRX – Yoga

Staying healthy through exercise TRX Yoga combines yoga exercises with the latest findings from mobility training and fascia studies.

This gives you the opportunity to learn positions that are not yet possible unaided. The balance of strength and agility, of movement and breathing and mental and physical strength is perfectly implemented in my TRX Yoga class.

This increases performance and strengthens physical weak spots.


Do you suffer from tension and want to strengthen your back muscles?

In my spinal gymnastics course, I effectively train all your relevant muscle groups which play a crucial role in maintaining good posture. We achieve this through strengthening and stretching exercises. Stabilizing and mobilizing exercises maintain and improve mobility; weak muscles are strengthened, and shortened muscles are stretched. A specially developed relaxation round marks the end of the session.

Vouchers & PRICES

Personal Training

  • Individual sessions and personal care as well as a one-time fitness test and anamnesis
    (60 min.)  150,00 Euro

  • 10-pack card (60 min) corresponds to 120.00 euros per session

  • 20-pack card (60 min) corresponds to 100.00 euros per session

All 10 and 20-pack cards are valid for four months from the date of issue.


  • Hourly rate for initial consultation including anamnesis, evaluation of the diary and development of a nutrition plan with final consultation (as required): 79.00 Euro

  • 60-min follow-up talks are 69.00 Euro

Personal Online Coaching

  • (60 Min.) 100 Euro

  • 10er Karte (60 min.) corresponds to 80,00 euros per session

  • 20er Karte (60 min.) corresponds to 60,00 euros per session

All 10 and 20-pack cards are valid for four months from the date of issue.

Group Online Coaching

  • 10-pack card corresponds to 7,00 euros per session

  • 20-pack card corresponds to 5,00 euros per session

All 10 and 20-pack cards are valid for four months from the date of issue.
Minimum number of participants: 10