SIA-Training | Sports by SIA

For many years I have practiced and studied different training methods and training types e.g. Pilates, Spinal gymnastics, TRX and TRX-Yoga with different sport equipment testing the outcome. Out of all these experiences I have developed an own training concept for the whole body which is intensive, efficient and diversified.

The training consists of belly, legs, bottom and back combining TRX-YOGA elements which will be used for the mobilization. Exercises from TRX Suspension Training where the body weight is used as a training resistance, whilst standing and laying, enable each muscle area to be trained and build up effectively. The coordination and stabilisation will therefore increase.

Pilates exercises which focus on the center of the body, concentrating on the pelvic floor - belly and back muscles, improve the posture, coordination, flexibility and endurance.  
Strengthening and stretching exercises from spine gymnastics effectively train all relevant muscle groups that are important for a good posture. An own specially developed relaxation part does complete the hour.